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03 I play 3 varsity sports at Great Neck South. I play 3 varsity sports: lax, football and basketbal and recently had surgery for a torn meniscus. After rehab at Excel I feel stronger than ever now.
50 I'm about to leave for a 50 mile ride. Thanks Excel! I suffered a traumatic brachial plexopathy after an horrific bike accident in July 2009, along with 8 broken ribs and a fractured clavicle. I was a mess! Peter pushed me through those tough early months, not just physically, but mentally.
23 I've always been number 23. It's what everyone knows me by. Excel Workout has continuously prepared me to get to the next level. The trainers push you to gain strength and mental toughness.
0.5 The distance I swim when competing in triathlons. I am in school to become a Physical Therapist and continue to train for triathlons.
01 I noticed a difference after just one month. Just one month into my treatment at Excel Physical Therapy I noticed drastic decreases in pain and increases in strength.  I continued therapy and my surgery was canceled.
04 After my 4th knee surgery, I didn't think I would ever ski with my son. Excel Workout provided me the expertise, work ethic, and personal connection I needed to keep my dream alive, of skiing with my son.
180 Riding a rail at the terrain park. Able to perform more advanced skills on the board after sport specific leg and core strengthening and agility workouts at Excel.
37 I want a goalie number that people will remember. Excel Workout has everything I need to maintain my strength and have a full body workout. They helped prepare me for college hockey and now I have been offered NHL contracts. THANKS EXCEL!!
30 I skied more than 30 days this season. Thanks Excel. Through my work with Peter at Excel, I can ski, dance, spin, workout and most importantly run around and play on the floor with my children.
60 Rehabed shoulder and lost 60 pounds. Joe had shoulder surgery, rehabilitation at Excel, inspired by Sharon's racing, lost about 60 pounds, changed his lifestyle, improved his fitness tremendously and began racing sprint triathlons and running races this season.
116 I was able to ski patrol for 116 days this past season. Physical Therapy at Excel is the sole reason I was able to return to skiing for the 2009-2010 season.
03 I train pain free with my three winning agility dogs. I rehabilitated her surgically repaired hamstring tear and now personal training at Excel. I'm now able to run with and train pain free.